Butternut Squash Stuffed Shells

I looove pasta. Usually I go for a good whole wheat spaghetti or penne, but lately I have been loving shells. Small shells, big shells, whole wheat or not, I have a major obsession. This is a healthier recipe for large stuffed pasta shells. It was one of the “husband’s choice” dinners that Ben made for me last week. He found the recipe here.

This is a great Sunday night dinner recipe. It is hearty and and cheesy, with a little sweetness from the butternut squash. Ben used queso fresco instead of mascarpone cheese. We would have preferred whole wheat shells, but couldn’t find them.

My favorite part of this dish is the light bechamel sauce that is poured all over these delectable stuffed shells. Ben served the pasta with a raw beet salad with raisins. If beets aren’t your thing, a nice green salad is the perfect way to balance out this meal.

Have a happy Sunday!


Penelope Anne


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